My Day in Greensboro NC

I decided when traveling through the stop, I needed to make a stop through Greensboro NC. The city is a well known part of Carolina. It’s the third biggest city in the state and one of the most populated towns as well. I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, so I decided to make the trip to this nice town.


Being a big nature guy, I decided to venture to the Bog Garden. It did not disappoint in terms of scenery. On top of being completely serene, it was nice to see a nature reserve so well kept. The waterfalls were a sight to behold, the hike itself was a very peaceful one, and the wildlife was intriguing to look at. My favorite part of my exploration of the Bog Garden, however, was the scene at the lake. As I crossed a wooden trail in the middle of the woods, I found myself overseeing the lake with a few bridges opposite of me. Between the lake, the bridges, and the trees surrounding it, it was quite a magnificent view. It especially looked great for the time of day (I went there around the early evening, so the sunset matched perfectly with everything).


If you’re into scenic places with nature, I would highly recommend visiting Greensboro, NC.

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